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Child & Family Care Solutions UK

(Child & Family Care Solutions UK are an introduction agency)

Child & Family Care Solutions UK is a family run business, providing domiciliary family care in the community throughout the UK. Our provision is 24/7 Childcare and Adult Care. We started out as a Childcare company, in 2012 and by demand started providing adult care in 2016. This became very popular, especially during COVID, when care homes were experiencing great difficulties.

Our services are tailored around individual needs. Our domiciliary services include housekeeping and domestic tasks. We understand the importance of a personalised service, that is reliable and affordable.

It is designed to bring a 24/7 first class provision straight to your door.

(Child & Family Care Solutions UK are an introduction agency)

Elderly Care


Whether it's Childcare or Adult Care, we can provide a peace of mind, comfort and security for all your family.

We specialise in children and adults with special needs, plus dementia care.

Our services are delivered through professional carers whether it is a nanny service, maternity service, babysitting, school escort/passenger assistant, carer, personal assistant or home help. You can rely on our expertise, integrity and ongoing support for your family.

We operate a Best Practice policy and COVID compliancy is high on our list protecting you and your family.

We match all our carers to your needs, and pay attention to the smallest details, because often these will make the biggest difference. Whether it is long term or short term, we will provide cost-effective solutions to all your needs.

Our Values

All our carers go above and beyond to enrich the lives of those they support. With designated support, your family can rest assured that help is on hand, whenever you need it.

All our childcarers and adult carers are qualified, experienced and strictly vetted, specifically matched by their expertise and qualifications to your needs.

Pet Care Included

All our services include pet care, whether it is walking a client's dog, or feeding a pet throughout our shifts, we can help keep your pets safe and well cared for.


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Tel: 08000 996 204

Mob: 07922 272 923


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5th Floor Horton House

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Liverpool L2 3PF

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UK wide Coverage

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